GoLocal is a private tour company for travellers which is offered by our carefully selected local tour guides, each of whom is eager to share their knowledge, experience and expertise about the city.

The travellers we serve prefer experience their travels in a private space where they can tailor their experience to their needs. They prefer to experience the reality of a place and see its culture through the eyes of local people. They are ‘sensibly curious’, socially conscious and value seeing their travel spending directly benefit local people.

Our guides are passionate people who are proud of the places they live in. With the guides, we are able to offer a variety of tours, including ‘off the beaten track’ tours that reflect local culture and a diversity of traveler interests. We are always searching for new tour guides, whom we can train to work with our system and business principles, and collaborate with them to develop unique tour offerings.

We are the ‘contact person’ for each tour provided and handle marketing, booking, payment processing, customer service and payments.

The GoLocal website offers many tours that can be chosen ‘off the shelf’, however each can be tailored to fit a traveler’s specific needs. We allow the personality and skill of each guide to be offered while providing for consistent elements between tour offerings – pricing is per tour, not per person and payment in advance.

Our mission is to provide high quality private tours allowing people to see their holiday destination in a unique way. We work continuously to provide this goal to travellers.